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About Me

I was born and raised in Baden-Wuettemberg, Germany, where I grew up on my father's warmblood breeding farm. I am a licensed German Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, which is the highest certification attainable as a German equine professional.

With this license I am recognized as a master trainer of both the horse and rider. For my formal education I completed a total of 9 years of study and apprenticeships within different licensed horse farms and breeding stables before I began the master program. To complete the master program I went through an additional 2 years of study. German’s formal training program includes both apprenticeships and classroom studies.

I started my formal training in 1986 with an emphasis in Dressage. This was the first step in achieving a 3 year degree called Pferdewirt, a degree which must be accomplished before pursuing the masters certificate.

After 2 years of work in an Equestrian Center I had the chance to move to a Versatility breeding barn near Bavaria. (“Versatility” in Germany is a competition which includes Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country). Here I studied under the owner of this breeding stable, Jacob Schmid, who is a German Master of Versatility. My emphasis during my work with Jacob was training young horses in Versatility. I remained at this farm for 2 years and during that time I officially achieved my Pferdewirt.

Some other highlights of my career include:

· In 1988 I achieved my German Fahrabzeichen ( driving license for 2 -4 Horses Carriage) in the stable of Friedrich Eppinger, who is a German Master of the 2 horse carriage.
· In 1998 I started to work with disabled individuals and horses; I had the first autism riding program in Baden- Wuettemberg, Germany. I am especially proud of what I accomplished with these incredible students.
· In 1999 I was awarded the Animal Protection Prize from the Ministry of the Interior Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany for my work rescuing abused and neglected horses. In this work I had many moments of deep satisfaction and as many heartbreaks.
· Prior to leaving Germany, I had my own horse farm. There I owned 40+ lesson horses. I had many training programs for adults, children, and those with disabilities. 

Email: ute.nielsen@yahoo.com

Ph: (262) 339-2085